Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Art Fair highlight: Clifton Henri

There were quite a few good photographers at this year's Ann Arbor Art fair. Many whose work I might have admired in previous years however now made me cringe with thoughts about cultural appropriation and the question of whether or not the photographer compensated her models or explained to them that she was going to go to the US and sell their images and their culture for $90 or $135 or $300 a print.

(this user icon in fact makes an interesting backdrop to my comments, since behind me is a piece of African artwork my sister gave me many years ago... which I have come to appreciate slightly differently as I come to understand cultural appropriation.)

Happily, this was not true for one artist, who takes pictures closer to home. Clifton Henri also impressed me with the feeling and biography of his pictures in addition to composition.

I particularly liked some of his pictures of kids (titles his).

the me I see

the me i see



capturing light

See the rest of his portfolio on Clifton Henri's website

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