Anne (netmouse) wrote,

also going on this week: trash talk about one of the 1st daughters

On Thursday the DailyKos pointed out that people were criticising Malia Obama for wearing t-shirts, especially one with a peace sign and talking trash about her in general. The discussion thread has been pulled, but a number of the comments were captured on the DailyKos site.

I appreciate abydosangel's comments about this, and the connections she gives to other hateful things going on. I've been reading about this trash talk for a couple days and feeling really sad that there are so many cruel and stupid people in this country.

One cynical part of my brain looks at the picture of Malia in the peace T-shirt and wonders if part of this disgusting reaction isn't because she was walking next to a sexy (darker) black guy. "Of course she's a ghetto whore - look who she's hanging out with!" *shakes head*

She's a not-quite-11-year-old girl.

This country, man. It is *so* messed up.

Comparing her picture to one of the pictures linked to in comments of Sarah Palin and her daughter Willow made me laugh though. Such a stark contrast to the collected, tailored style and grace that Malia displays even in her shorts and t-shirt.

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