Anne (netmouse) wrote,

well, we didn´t go back out last night.. crashed like we did in Cordoba, only twice I woke up and asked Sarah if she wanted to go out but she was too tired and this morning she´s depressed because we didn´t go out. We even had a potential companion for going out, name of Ivy - this lovely young black woman (22) who is working for a year at a hospital in belgium before going to the university of michigan for her medical degree. One of those people who makes you feel old, you know? like, why has it taken me this long to be well traveled? But at 22 I traveled a lot around the states and that was a goodness.

So this morning I got up early, had breakfast, went back to sleep a while, then made a list of things in Barcelona I want to see. Sarah had gone back to sleep while I was ding this so now she is showering and no doubt beating herself up about getting started so late.

I think it will be a good five days here. Yesterday we just wandered but I feel oriented now, so that´s good. We don´t have much money in Euros today but we can change US cash at the exchanges at a decent rate and maybe monday go to the american express office.

I want to go to L ´aquarium sometime. It´s supposed to be the biggest in Europe, was just put in in 1995. There´s lots that should be fun.

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