Anne (netmouse) wrote,


Got home from Wiscon + plus nice monday visit in Chicago with Laura around 11 pm Monday night. Struggled to stay awake all day at work on Tuesday, went to the chiropractor, went grocery shopping, went home and made myself dinner, went to bed.

Have discovered that being gone 10 days in late May is enough to miss the initial blooming of the peonies and the roses. Luckily they are still in bloom. Also, the tomatoes and pepper plants I planted the week before I left are not dead, are in fact growing, but show that they needed more water and something's eating the leaves of the peppers. :(

Have much to cogitate about and marinate in about WisCon. Will do the name-check thing and actual con report later.

Hopefully today's workday will be easier and tonight I can finish unpacking, do some bills and maintenance, and then tomorrow I might, if I'm lucky, get to a con report.

In the meantime, here's a pretty impressive capture of the hilarious and wonderful not another %$#!! race panel friday night.
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