Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Penguicon (photo linkage)

There was a Penguicon. And Scalzi was surprised by his surprise birthday party, and Jer and Geralyn got married, Gini got her birthday gift in many parts (yes, I was part of *two* conspiracies. I rule.) and there were many cool people at the con, so that was good. I even got to see some of them. Especially the wedding crowd, the party Conspiracy group and anyone who dropped by suite 824 during the after party on Saturday night. Oh, and the lovely ladies who kept feeding me tasty pudding shots. Mustn't forget them! ::love::

I did not take many pictures, which sometimes I just don't, but Alethea did, including capturing me sewing buttons on my black leather jacket during the party (that jacket had been missing those buttons for two years. It was time.), and Skennedy did, including many awesome pictures from Jer and Ger's wedding and reception, and Lisa took a few good ones of Scalzi paying off his bet (he bet Joe that Wheaton would show. Joe won the bet. If Scalzi had won there would have been Lisa in a sexy ninja costume. I still want to see that, actually.)

Skysinger also took a bunch but hasn't posted them yet. I'll let you know when he does.

Brian and I had a birthday party to attend Sunday afternoon, so we left around noon (taking the stairs a few times to unload the room and suite, because the elevators were dying) and took the before-party nap and then went to a birthday party for his twin nephews, who are 1 and cute like 1-year-olds are (who knew?), then I took an after-party nap, packed the car, fought my horrible headache with sushi and tea at Saica with Alex and Bri, and then had a fairly pleaseant drive home. I have this lumbar support air cushion thing from my chiropractor which helps hugely.

Getting more than 3 hours of sleep on Friday would have been better, but seeing Wolverine: Origins friday night was fun (we were on a run back to Ann Arbor to retrieve my sandals. Spending the whole weekend either barefoot or in the high heels I wore to the wedding would not have been good), and I also did some reading for work while waiting for the ConFusion Party to end friday night/morning (it did around 5 am; we were in the room next door, and there was music you see...). That was important, because I have a metric ton of work to do this week. Speaking of which...

Gotta go!

(Those I did not see at P-con, you were missed. Next con for me: Wiscon, in just 3 weeks now.)
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