Anne (netmouse) wrote,


"Fail" seems to be the new internet version of "gate" as Brian just commented to me.

Anyway, I got home tonight from a lovely 3-day weekend trip to NY with my sister, sat down to work on taxes and promptly got distracted reading AmazonFail, all about something Amazon has done (maybe policy, maybe glitch, probably both?) that has made it very hard to find many many books. (And if you have any doubt how horrid this is, go to and do a search for "Homosexuality"). There's a book for helping teens accept their homosexuality and not commit suicide that no longer shows up. Instead? offensive dreck IMNHO.

For more details and good commentary, see here (links to other sources at the bottom of her post), here, and here.

I have canceled the one open order I had with amazon and posted to the amazon associates discussion board, and signed the petition.
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