Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I went and saw Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle with Rikhei tonight. It was a fun movie! Leaving, we enjoyed the cool air through the open car windows, the smell of summer, the music in the CD player that drove R. crazy with its familiarity until we opened the trunk and discovered it was one of the "69 love songs" CDs that Kathy loaned me.

I reminisced about junior high and high school, when one or more of my friends and I would take to the streets on a night like this, too nice to stay home. Either we would be out in the evening, wandering the city without talking too much, or someone would come tap on my window after the house was asleep, and I would sneak out, and we would walk until morning.

After I dropped Rikhei off, I came home. Outside smelled so good and inside smelled stale and stifled the way buildings can get, running on air conditioning instead of breathing real breezes. I threw open all the windows in the house, including the one over our bed that has been sealed shut since the winter before last. Saving us money on heating bills. I couldn't stand it any longer and had to let in the sounds and smells of the night. It took my swiss army knife (screw drivers) and I busted a knuckle open pushing the window open, breaking the paint and pressure seal, but it's worth it.

Memories of leaning into the windowbox of my bedroom window on 6th street, looking out into a summer's night from the comfort of my bed when I was 9. I should sleep well tonight.

Bill said there's a juggling group in Dearborn he wanted to hook up with at 7 pm so he went there after work. Maybe go out to dinner after with the group. May be home very late on a friday night. The demons in my insecure subconcious are trying to make something of that which it isn't. ("which it probably isn't," they whisper.) Go away for tonight, demons. It's time for me to sleep.

I have work in the morning.

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