Anne (netmouse) wrote,

We had a nice anniversary evening.

Bill picked me up from work and Tim let me off fifteen minutes early since Bill was there... Jonathon had loaned him his Netflicks copy of the Animatrix, which we watched while waiting for hunger to show up... once it did, we grilled steak and a turkey breast (the steak for that night, the turkey for the rest of the week) and baked a cake. I made celery rice, once of our favorites. before dinner we finished the movie so we sat at the table with a candle flame and had a nice meal, then watched "Stop, or my mom will shoot". I think I prefer Stallone in those kinds of comedic action roles, rather than the more serious dramatic ones. an episode of "the Simpsons" and we were ready for bed.

So we had a nice evening, and were even still awake enough to top it off at the end of the day by trying one of Cosmo magazine's current "6 sex tips to make him crazy" or somesuch. Reviews were pretty positive. :) (*happy blush*)

It was nice having a nice relaxed night to ourselves. And we only forgot the turkey and overcooked it by about an hour.. still quite edible. :)
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