Anne (netmouse) wrote,

This weekend was pretty good. The weather was particularly lovely. I got some lilies transplanted to the front around the new tree (a couple feet away from it for the moment.) Hopefully they will bloom more with more sun. And hopefully the peonies will be happier, especially once I do a little more uncrowding back there.

I walked home from work on Saturday, stopping to pick up the Masquerade pictures from Ox at Ritz camera. Some of them are nice - others are dark on the bottom thrid, like there wasn't enough light or the negative was damaged by something? But it doesn't look like a light leak. and the pattern is wrong for heat damage.

Sunday we had a nice visit with mom and dad - went and saw the Rodin exhibit at the U of M museum of art and went back to their house for dinner. I recommend the rodin exhibit to anyone, as he is one of my favorite artists and the show is quite a nice collection. There were a number of pieces I've never heard of before, including Iris Waking a Nymph, Andromeda, Bachanae embracing, and a portrait of Victor Hugo where Hugo is looking downward with a serious experssion on his face, rather than lounging athletically as in the monuments installed in France. Now that I've looked around the web briefly for pictures of them (and found none), I'm tempted to go back and take some. I think it's too bad the way people's appreciation of an artist tends to be filtered to their 50 or so most popular works because that's mainly all we can see reproduced.

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