Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Staying aware of how many of our people are in prison

In this newsletter, the Ohio criminal justice services office quotes a federal report (released in December 2008,
a Bureau of Justice Statistics bulletin, Prisoners in 2007)to note these facts:

  • The total number of
    prisoners under the jurisdiction of
    Federal or State adult correctional
    authorities was 1,598,316 at the end
    of 2007. Nearly 93 percent were
    males and 7.2 percent were females.

  • The rate of incarceration in prison at
    the end of 2007 was 506 sentenced
    inmates per 100,000 U.S. residents, a
    rate equivalent to about 1 in every
    198 U.S. residents serving a prison
    term of over one year.

  • The incarceration rate for females in 2007
    was 69 per 100,000 population. For
    males, the incarceration rate was 955
    per 100,000 population.

  • In 2007, Black males had an
    imprisonment rate of 3,138 per
    100,000 U.S. residents, compared to
    a rate of 481 for White males and
    1,259 for Hispanic or Latino males.

  • Black females had an imprisonment
    rate of 150 per 100,000 U.S.
    residents, compared to a rate of 50
    per 100,000 for White females and
    79 per 100,000 for Hispanic or
    Latino females.

    I note that they did the math for the general rate of imprisonment, but not for males or black males especially. Note that the male population in general, we had the equivalent of roughly 1 in 105 of our men serving a year in prison in 2007, and for black men in particular that came to 1 out of 32.

    *shakes head*

    That seems pretty high to me. I have to wonder, as a society, if we can't do better than that.
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