Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Fabulous ConFusion!

Hey all --

We had a really great convention this weekend. The buzz in the air was totally positive. Jim Hines contributed to the fun tremendously with the ConFusion Princess contest for the release celebration of The Stepsister Scheme, and all the guests of honor were absolutely fabulous. Cat Rambo tells me she had such a good time she and Wayne are planning to come back again next year. The Scientist Guests (Elizabeth Turtle and Ralph Lorenz) had terrific turnout and insightful questions for their presentations and even had fun at the parties Friday night, Cory Doctorow did Tons of stuff (he and I snuck in a quick lunch yesterday, and he seemed to have had a good time), Davroz perked up the entire scene with photos from the last 27 years of ConFusion blown up and on display on easels around the convention, Freon put out some fabulous performances -- I felt really lucky to catch some of the War of the Worlds original broadcast re-enactment -- and Diana Harlan Stein was perky and smiling every time I ran into her and also reported good attendance at the art program. Someday I hope to see her binders of badges and write-ups of the over 300 conventions she has been to (!).

We missed some of our regulars, both to family emergencies and (no doubt) to the economy, but the convention went off superbly for everyone who was there and I want to thank all of my department heads for that, especially Don Wenzel (Transportation), Aaron Thuhl (Registration), Richard Tucholka (Dealers), Tammy Coxen (ConSuite), Debbie Rigdon-Smith and Karen Roe (Green Room), Sheryl Bradakis (Masquerade), Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale (KidFusion), and Bill Korsak (Gaming), whose departments went off SO smoothly they required nearly no support or intervention from me during the convention, so I could focus on other things. Matt Fanny was his usual amazingly wonderful uber-volunteer support, Jer Lance and his Ops party staff were so solid I actually slept full nights each night, with absolutely no worries to trouble me, and Jessica Zerwas, my assistant chair, helped keep all of our spirits up and did too many small things to mention to keep everything smooth sailing.

Doselle Young was there all the way from California just because he's wonderful that way, and it was nice to see John Scalzi as usual even if he was playing a "civilian" and not on the program - just made him easier to find at the bar. Saturday Brian and I were lucky enough to eat dinner with Rikhei Harris and Jane Irwin, both of whom live too far west in Michigan for us to see often enough, and it was good to see my frind Keith and others here from Chicago, though unfortunately only in short glimpses. Oh, and Scott Kennedy and Lucy Benson put together a spontaneous post-feedback session dinner gathering for those who didn't have to pack up rooms and load the truck, and that was great too. Yay chair-dancing! You all rock!

I even got in a couple meeting/breakfasts with the Subterranean Press crew and a board meeting with the Science Fiction Oral History Association, so it was a really full and rewarding weekend for me. Thank you all.
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