Anne (netmouse) wrote,

don't you just love it when you post something to the wrong place?

sorry about the cross-posting of that last post both to here and stilyagiaircorp.

I'm getting excited though. We're going to have two radio play performances, a masquerade so exciting I'm actually planning to attend it (unusual for me), and awesome, awesome guests plus many other awesome panelists. And I unpacked my books enough to find the book by Cat Rambo I wanted to bring for her to sign! (for those who don't know, I just moved).

I am very very lucky to have a new job where they're letting me work remotely for a week my third full week on the job, so I don't have to bounce back and forth from Michigan to Ohio (I just moved to Yellow Springs).

I will be bouncing though. From joy! ConFusion is going to be so much fun!
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