Anne (netmouse) wrote,

According to the NRDC, "the Bush Administration has stripped wolves in Idaho and Montana of their Endangered Species protection" again. (they did it last spring and got stopped by a federal court). I'm sick and tired of the interests of ranchers being put above the survival of this endangered community of animals who've already had their territory horribly reduced and broken up (despite the fact that, according to the Northern Rockies Wolf Collaborative wolves kill fewer ranch livestock than dogs do each year). You can help by supporting the NRDC, which along with other groups is protesting in court. Again.

background article from the Washington Post.

Of course, hopefully they only have to keep the legal battle going long enough for Obama to take the reins but the new administration has a lot to do and we can't expect them to be an instant cure-all for Bushocities (atrocities that come from Bush).
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