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Zer Netmouse
December 20th, 2008
04:15 pm


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I have to admit, it's true
I haven't been paying that much attention to the announcements of Obama's cabinet choices which, in the main, have been just/at least as disappointing as his decision re: Rick Warren and the inaugural invocation. Because of my associations with only limited non-profit groups, there's no one who specifically emailed me about all of those decisions, though I have gotten a fair bit of email about Bush's legacy of protecting people who want to retain jobs in health care that for religious reasons they don't care to actually perform according to the standards of the medical establishment.

And I sigh.

Because otherwise this is a pretty happy time for me.

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Date:December 20th, 2008 11:09 pm (UTC)
Are there particular appointments that you're disappointed in? From where I sit (which, granted, is rather right of you, politically), he's tended toward pragmatic moderates. So far, he's mostly avoided the mistakes of the Bush administration, which tended to pick either incompetent cronies or far-right ideologues. And it seems like a cabinet that more or less represents the coalition of people who voted for him, which includes a lot of people such as myself who would not generally be regarded as Liberals. If he runs a competent administration that's perhaps a bit left of center, I'm prepared to vote for him again in 2012. But if he swings to the far left, he'll lose my vote, just like McCain did when he swung too far to the right.

I do have a few disagreements with his picks. I would rather have seen Richardson at State than Clinton; he's got way more diplomatic experience than she does. Vilsack's support for corn ethanol subsidies is troubling. And Solis is too chummy with organized labor to make the reforms I'd like to see. But Chu is a great pick for Energy, and his economic team (Geithner, Summers, and Volcker) is top-notch.
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Date:December 22nd, 2008 09:07 am (UTC)


Radio 4, the UK Talk Radio today stated that he has chosen two believers in global Warming to his new cabinet, (if that's the right term for the US). This is, apparently in addition to a 'scattering' of other folk who also believe and hopefully are willing to act.

Promising I guess.

Also this past weekend, I read an article in the Mail on Sunday, (UK Rag) which basically said that all recent historical revolutions, (like in the past 300 years have been driven or directly caused by depressions. It centered on the obvious connection between the great epression of the '30's and the rise of Nazi Germany. But, it did make you think if Obama is that revolution or if womthing else was on the way.

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