Anne (netmouse) wrote,

today was slow and I felt dull and grumpy at work. However, I did impress myself by fitting all the teapots into the case that had formerly held toys.. and mostly sorted topically, at that (food-related, chair-based, desk-based, celebratory and wedding, dresser/hair/hat/perfume/dressing table based, etc.) Jen suggested I go out to buy paper for making leaves for my jungle window and I felt apprehensive about making that decision... silly to stress so much about something so unimportant. I'll do it tomorrow.

For lunch I went to get take-out at the Pizza House so I could at least make a brief appearance at the AWC lunch. Very few of the women there seemed interesting to me, but luckily a couple of those were right close to me. It was very hard to hear people. I think I'm crossing that place off my list of potential places to sit and eat.

On the way back to work I ran into Sam Copi. he didn't even recognize me and thought that funny. He said he knew Jen from college so when I got back to work she and I talked about him. I'm disappointed he hasn't gotten further in life or learned how to relate to people naturally. I feel like when we were friends in high school some of his hostility went away, but it sounds like it swung in every direction at college.

After work I went home and got a message from Bill. He and Curtis might be home tomorrow, not sure if in time for dinner. It would have been nice if sometime this week he could have called me before I went to work or right after I got home. Tonight he tried again later but I was out at the gym or grocery shopping. I'm sorry to have missed his call, but I'm glad Mary got me out to the gym. I feel better than I did earlier in the day.

Midfanzine is not ready in time for Duckon. But it will go to print soon. There's always so much to do. Eloise is busy with work, though, so it's not all about my being late. Still, I shouldn't have left things to the last minute.

I had fun on Thursday, sitting at First Thursday swapping songs with Davros. I hope to do more of that sometime.

goodnight, folks.

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