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Midwest Construction 2 recordings

I have digital copies of the three tapes I made at MWC 2. All participants gave permission for them to be posted online, so I'll try to get MP3s online in not too long. In the meantime, if anyone who will be at Windycon wants a copy of the .wav version of your MWC panel on CD, please let me know. Here are the descriptions:

Midwest Construction 2
September 19-21, 2003, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

MWC 2003.9.20.1
Organizing Program Planning
Databases, spreadsheets, post-it notes on the wall. Discuss methods for planning programming.
Jim Mann, Steven Silver, Ian Stockdale, Amanda Foubister

MWC 2003.9.20.2
At-Con Publications Critique
Last year we did fliers, this year we'll do pocket programs, souvenir books, and other at-con publications. Bring yours, and be prepared to critique others.
Anne KG Murphy, Deb Kosiba

MWC 2003.9.20.3
The Great Green Room Debate
Exclusive ConSuite for pros or empty room with a clock? Of course it's not as cut and dry as all that. Throw in you two cents on the form and function of convention green rooms.
Erik V. Olson, moderator

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