Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Getting rid of things

Am trying to clear out extra things while prepping to show the house. Am giving away a broken Black and Decker T2200 Toast-it-all (Bill clearly thought it was fixable, so kept it), a dustmop, a few easter baskets, some styrofoam coolers, and some plastic tubing/pipe such as you'd use for fishtanks. Am also hoping to sell a set of 4 dining rm chairs ($50 or best offer), and my leather couch/loveseat/armchair set, which is full of reclining goodness but just isn't me (haven't set a price on that yet), and a painting from cozumel ($15 - which is much less than I paid to have it matted and the hanger put on the back). Pictures are available on my flickr account. Let me know if you want anything.

I also have a lot of random wood, so let me know if you need some.
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