Anne (netmouse) wrote,

today was pretty much a good day except for one very sad moment. I ran over a small garter snake with the lawn mower. I didn't think that was even really possible with this lawn mower but now I know it is. the snake was mortally wounded. I stayed with it until it died. Tomorrow I think I'll bury it. We want to encourage snakes and toads and things, not run them over. I feel awful about it.

Other than that, things are good. It was fun having people over to the house and so far as I know nothing wandered away except my leather jacket and I strongly suspect that's just a case of mistaken jacket identity because we now have an extra one that looks a lot like the one I'm missing.

After the barbeque Mary picked me up and we headed to Ypsi to try and catch up with Troll and Liz. that was harder than expected because they had left Pete and Lesley's house. The house was clearly empty. My thought was that they were either at a bar or a bowling alley, so we checked a couple depot town bars and then Ypsi Arbor and they were there, in the last lane way down at the end. Troll and Liz and Steve and Jen and Lesley and Jessica. I recognized them by the way Troll was standing, arms crossed, watching the game. Ken (Troll) and Steve seemed really surprised I would have thought to look for them at the bowling alley. Maybe I'm just psychic. :)

It was nice hanging out with the group. I was also glad to get to explain to Steve and Jen a bit about why ConFusion is changing hotels and get their reaction - it sounds like they'll come and check it out, though as part of the Atrium smoking crowd, they are predictably disappointed. As a side note, Steve has taken up mountain biking and lost some weight. He's looking visibly more fit than last time I saw him, which was last summer.

At midnight we congratulated Ken and Liz on completing two years of marriage. Then we all went our separate ways. Mary and I were hungry so we went to Dennys and split a breakfast, since it was on the way home. She came into the house and helped me double-check the house and then we stayed up a while talking. it was fun.

today I had a good SFOHA meeting and also had a reasonably good time at the going away party at the Downeys'. I feel like we got there late (6 pm for a party that started at 3) and maybe missed the best energy of the party. Thought like I've thought before that I should get to know Claudia better; she's neat and into travel.

after I got home from that (~8 pm) Mary and I hooked up again for a quick work out at the gym and then dinner out. That's probably my quota for eating out this week, but it was nice. I really want to get back to the gym more often. I basically just did things I would have done in physical therapy for my knee, plus some stomach exercises, but even that felt good.

Despite my intention to get to bed somewhat early, I'm still up. Mary's just too interesting to talk to! Grrr! (*giggle*)

goodnight, all.

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