Anne (netmouse) wrote,


Good going, gmail.

For the last couple years, when I email someone in a conversation, they have been automatically added to my contacts list. Sometimes even with their name, not just email address (I have no idea why half the time it only grabs their address, even when a name is provided by their email system). Whenever someone has been automatically added to the contacts list it then takes away the "add to contacts" option from the drop-down menu that I can access while reading that person's email.

This week I went to email a friend whom I've emailed many times and chatted with in google chat. Definitely a contact. As I typed "Kim" in to the window I waited for her email to come up in the list of contacts. It didn't. I eventually went and looked at my contacts. Instead of over 2000 contacts, I now have 135 contacts and 1,989 "suggested contacts". But if I look at email from one of those suggested contacts, "add to contacts" is still unavailable from the drop-down menu in the interface. And if I go to the contacts screen and choose to add a new contact and put in their information, it complains at me that I can't have more than one contact with the same email.

I have to either search for my contact in the Contacts window and manually move them to contacts, or pull up the "suggested contacts" list, select the person, and click "move to contacts". When I do that and click that button, it changes from showing me the suggested contacts list, which I was working in, to showing my wonderful short contacts list. So I have to click again to get back to the list of "suggested contacts", many of whom have been functionally in my contacts list for ages.

That is SO annoying.
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