Anne (netmouse) wrote,


At least McCain is being honest about wanting to be a dictator instead of having to deal with those pantywaists in congress.

I went and volunteered for the Obama Campaign last night. Did gentle persuasion calls, which were largely to trim the phone lists of people who didn't want to be called, and find out if undecided voters had particular issues they wanted to know more about. I was impressed with the undecideds. Some of them seemed really completely undecided, and not even from a position of ignorance, in most cases. A couple people (one of whom is voting for McCain) were truly pissed off about the options, didn't want to vote for either of the candidates. One of the undecideds agreed that Democrats were generally better for education, and I may have shifted him from completely undecided to leaning, but one never knows. There was a large variety of where people get their information; I didn't know what to say to the people who mainly watch TV, Fox and what-not, since I don't watch TV and have no clear notion of what they've been seeing.

A few people wanted yard signs, and the county campaign office was out again after getting 1500 in just last Thursday. I just ordered a couple directly through, which was clearly a way for the campaign to get another donation out of me, but I found I didn't really mind. I ordered car magnets too, since I don't really like the idea of bumper stickers that are only timely for a few months. Those are under accessories in the online store, if you're looking.

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