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My favorite shirts are wearing out!

red shirt

red shirt
Originally uploaded by netmouse.

I was just folding laundry, noting sadly that a couple of my favorite shirts are badly worn. I've already been mostly wearing them just around the house for a while, but eventually one has to completely give up on a shirt.

In case any of you might shop for me sometime in the future, I thought I might document what I like about these shirts. They are all cotton, roomy enough on me that they fall to the waist instead of being tight to my body, and not so long that they fall really far past my waist.

blue shirt

In fact, if you look at the shape of them laid out on the floor, they are nearly square, compared to the longer-than-wide format that is most common for shirts. I like these proportions, because I have a wide chest and a short upper torso, and I prefer not to tuck shirts in. My chest is 21 inches across from sideseam to sideseam, but the fall from my shoulder to where I like my shirts to end is only 18 to 21 inches, depending on the cut of the shirt (these shirts: the red one is 22 inches, shoulder to bottom seam. the other two are 21); across my back is only 19 inches, so a size medium that is 20 inches across will fit me, just barely; I often would prefer a large but regret how they get longer as well as wider.

You'll also notice these shirts have a wide, rounded scooping neck. I can't stand necklines close to my neck (except the occasional mock turtleneck), which is why I don't wear standard T-shirts; most shirts tend to drift back on me, and t-shirts choke me.

A year ago I gave up on another favorite shirt that was similar, but a sort of maroon color, with a lower neckline and 3/4 length sleeves.
The shirt shown below is similar in shape, though it has a higher neckline -- this is probably the upper limit of a neckline I can wear. I would like to have more shirts with an even lower neckline than what is shown - about a 6" fall from shoulder to the bottom center of the neckline would probably be good.

3 quarter sleeve shirt

I don't generally like v-neck shirts, which seem to be in right now. I would appreciate it if people could keep an eye out for shirts like this, either to buy for me or simply to let me know about, so I can buy them for myself. Solid colors, low round or oval neck (or in some cases a square or rectangular cut-out neckline works on me as well), with a short torso.



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