Anne (netmouse) wrote,

SF artists grows as artists write to me

Yesterday Vincent Chong sent me a list of book covers he's done. The list includes Polish and Japanese editions - books that don't show up in English speaking book lists, generally.

This is part of the reason why the SFeditors and SFartists wikis are (unlike Wikipedia) permitting artists and editors to edit their own articles and send us material for them, without recourse to 3rd person references. I'm not going to assume and assert that 1st person references are infallible - we're all fallible - but I think it's useful to the community to allow as how an individual may have information about the work they've done, and encourage it to be shared directly.

John Picacio and Aleta Rafton also sent me CVs of their work, which served among other things to illustrate to me how many publishers (and artworks) the Locus Covers index is missing. I really appreciate the covers index, and I hope it expands in scope in years to come, but I also hope award nominators and voters realize it's only a sample of the field. John's CV also includes many nonfiction books about science fiction, which still seem like science fiction illustration to me.

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