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Artist Watching

Spent some time today updating the SF Artists wiki, based largely on the Locus online index of covers. I have not entered all the artists who published book covers this year, but I hit my favorites and those who were most prolific. Kudos to Donato Giancola, the first artist I have seen who actually put a simple text chronological list of his works up on his website (oo, Timothy Lantz did it too).

Artists I found particularly interesting while doing this include:

  • Rick Berry, whose cover for Neuromancer is said to be the first digitally-painted book cover ever done.

  • Greg Bridges, who seems to have come a long way since his early work.

  • Dan Dos Santos, who has a rich, colorful, yet clean and detailed style no doubt highly influenced by comics, and who offers painting tutorials on his website.

  • Saara Salmi, who does digital photo-composite artwork that reminds me a bit of Dave McKean, as well as other illustration.

  • Raymond Swanland, who was one of the primary artists of the Oddworld video games, and has also done some rather nice book covers.
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