Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I guess I haven't posted for a while now. The weather has been getting better, and that has been nice. Rikhei is staying with us for a bit. Today I mostly lay around reading and resting, recovering from lack of sleep due to Penguicon.

I had fun at Penguicon.
I feel like the ConFusion parties went all right and we got a goodly number of registrations. I don't feel like I communicated with Kathy and Tammy that well beforehand, I'm sorry the flyers had typos on them, I should have made party posters beforehand and brought tape, and it's too bad that I overbought for Saturday night. Shopping lists should not be made with a tired, sleep-deprived brain and little consultation. But most of it was not too perishable and we can use it another time. At least the typo that says ConFusion runs from January 23-35 is easy to recognize and correctly re-interpret.

The gummy penguins went over quite well, really. It was fun sharing with other people the discovery that they were not licorice and were actually quite tasty.

I had fun dressing up a bit in costume over the weekend, though I was sorry I didn't bring enough regular street-clothes. Sunday I ended up wearing a leotard as a shirt (once I changed out of the dress shown in this picture, which did not match any of the shoes I had with me) and was grateful to Chad for the loan of his vest. Saturday especially, I wore all black, topped off by the new white and black jester's hat Bill won in the raffle at Cascadia. It was fun, even considering all the cat-like people who batted at the bells in passing.

Speaking of shoes, I went barefoot most of my time at the con, which was quite lovely. Dancing Saturday night was a lot of fun, but stretched my feet enough that I split the skin where both of my pinky toes join my feet. This has been known to happen before, however, so it doesn't worry me overmuch.

Late-night Friday dangling my toes in the pool was fun. I went there with Rikhei and we were joined by a group of folks shortly after, which included Chad and Rennie and Trillian and Jeff Beeler, who engaged in an amusing underwater forward roll contest, and Pete Abrams and Eric Snyder, who didn't swim but instead joined me and Rikhei by the side of the pool. Repeated threats to throw me in the pool notwithstanding, it was a really fun evening.

I could have done without waking up at 6 the next morning (the alarm was set for 7:30) but I was glad to get an early start on the commute back to Ann Arbor for work. I detoured around the point where 696 was closed and made good time - I took advantage of that by going home for a short cuddle with Bill and time to make myself a lunch before work. Time dragged on very slowly that day at work; Jen commented on it too. I had dinner with Bill at Cascadia, went back to the hotel and went shopping at Meijer, opened the party with help from Sarah Lewis, and sometime later was relieved by Rikhei. Much dancing and silliness later, the pool goddess formerly known as Trillian organized a pool gathering redux which for temperature reasons switched into a hot tubbing. This time Pete was the only one not in the water. Rikhei started off dry for lack of a swimsuit, but at some point was dragged affectionately into the pool in her clothes.

Sunday I was actually on two panels, both on discworld topics. They went pretty well, I thought, despite the fact that one was delayed half an hour by the over-running discworld Jeopardy. Before my first panel I helped Susan clean the theater and brought my panel table water from the water stand. I didn't realize no one was doing this in general or I would have done that for all the rooms.
Some thefts seem to sour the last part of the con for Chad, who lost a camera and PDA, and for Pete and Trillian, who lost a stuffen Bun-Bun. I thought that was too bad and was glad not to have lost anything, so far as I know.

Rikhei and I joined Chad and Trill and Pete for lunch on our way back to Ann Arbor, and we headed home in pretty fine spirits. I didn't feel very tired, but was glad that there's a particular stretch of I-94 1 1/2 miles before the Jackson Exit where some subconsious part of my brain makes me worry about missing my exit and I tend to pull out of the zoned-out atumation that tired driving can descend into. Mary and Bill were at the house when we got home. They went shopping and arranged for dinner while I took a nap and changed clothes. Then followed a nice evening of much chatting. And that was followed, as I said before, by a monday full of resting.

Tomorrow work again. And more ConFusion follow-up with the hotel and other things.

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