Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So, let's see. Sunday Scott and Eric and Tammy came over for dinner and some gaming. I was really fuzzy-headed and didn't figure out the rules of the game real well. I don't know if that was because of drinking wine or because I was up until 2:30 the night before, or perhaps both. It was a fun evening even if I didn't play very well.

Monday was very busy with chiropractor and shopping (I had fun spending money on clothes! it was a fairly rare experience for me. Mervyns was having a special day when those with a mervyn's card get 25% more off of their clearance items. I got pants for $5, a couple shirts for $3 each, and a dress to wear to Caro
s wedding for $18 (it was only on sale, not clearance). ) Then there was taxes and cutting Bill's hair while watching a movie and then more taxes and late to bed. I also worked on the confusion website that day and the rest of the week. Trying to have it ready to go live by Minicon.

Midfanzine has slowed way down. I'm still waiting for things from a few people and ought to call them. I'm now aiming to have it by penguicon.

Tuesday was lovely out and Bill and I went to Juggling on the Diag. Wednesday I went to MOCHI, which didn't feel that productive but I did borrow from Timothy a neat-looking book by next month's speaker.

Last night Bill's mom arrived. I went to Borders before and after work to pick up birthday presents for her. Turns out she and Bill tried to pick me up at work but they missed me. I remember looking around when I got off work, which was a minute after 6, so they must not have been there right then. Anyway I took the bus home and that was nice -I finally have my Go Pass, which lets me take unlimited rides. It only took a month. Turns out the woman who does them at AATA was sick and then on vacation - poor timing.

Tonight we're planning to see Chicago with mom and dad and then they are also coming over on Sunday to have dinner and hang out in the afternoon. Maybe we'll color eggs. It should be fun.

Yesterday I hit my head against the low cieling at the base of the stairs at work again. This time it hurt much more and now, 23 hours later, my head still hurts and is really sensitive to the touch. I'll have a bit of a bruise, I guess.

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