Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Having a great time at Scifoo

Yesterday I got in just in time for lunch. Hooked up by happenstance with Carl and Anna Dietrich, of Terrafugia and walked to a place nearby. After a tasty Indian lunch I came back to the hotel and met my roommate, Shivani Sud, and then got back together with Anna and Carl to head over to Google early and help unload and set up their flying car roadable aircraft proof of concept vehicle:

lightweight sport airplane with folding wings

It was nice hanging around onsite during set up and as people arrived. We had dinner and collected Shwag (including the Solio Universal charger -- Solar charger for lots of devices -- various books and notebooks from O'Reilly, and a stainless steel water bottle that looks designed to get you in trouble at the airport)and admired the Tesla electric car (the fast one) and then had a session of introductions (can you describe your interests in three words, no sentences?), started putting together the session schedule, and mingled and chatted, and chatted some more. I met three other people from Michigan, including one who went to the same elementary school as I did! (albiet much earlier than I).

As far as people I already knew here, I've chatted with Chris DiBona, Brother Guy, Neal Stephenson, and Mike Gaiman; I didn't recognize Mike when I first walked past him, but he called out to me and I recognized his voice immediately. :) I was excited to meet Esther Dyson but didn't really get a chance to chat with her so far.

I was given my first toy pretty early on -- some sun-chargeable glowing "Kryptonite" in a little bottle from Simon Quellen Field, of Kinetic Microscience (Science toys). I also really enjoyed meeting and speaking with Shankar Subramaniam of UCSD, Eleanor Rieffel, who is a mathematician (we got into a great discussion at dinner advising a fellow camper whose 9-year-old daughter is really good at math at what to give her to explore and do), Kevin Grazier, who is a science adviser to various sci-fi TV shows including BSG, and Mike Hendrickson, who is a publisher at O'Rielly.

I think my favorite three-word self summary (and I didn't catch who said it) was "Think, play, repeat." That seems to be what we're planning to do here this weekend.

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