Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I finished painting the wall in the basement laundry room today. I painted it white. it looks much nicer than it did. Hopefully soon I'll get motivated to paint the other wall. That will be more complicated, because it has the laundry machines against it, with the dryer hooked up to the gas line, and the wash basin and all kinds of pipes in the way.

I finished off the paint. The last column of cement block I just did with a thin wash of paint because I had run out. The contrast between the painted part and the part with the wash is not too strong.

Somewhat frustratingly, I sliced my finger open on the edge of the can, or perhaps some sharp dried paint, I don't know. The index finger of my left hand, not deeply. it will be fine.

It was nice having Bill come home last night. He looked very handsome and had a twinkle in his eye. He's been off to chicago since wednesday.

I had so much I hoped to do today. Well, we'll see. Having the wall done is a good step. And I shoveled the walk and driveway before Bill left for work, so he could get out. The snow was slowing down then and the ground was warm, so it's still clear.

but I'm pretty tired... I think maybe I'll take a nap.
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