Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Not going to get home tonight

I have had a very nice time at Apollocon. They have treated us very well, including arranging for us to have a hotel room tonight, seeing as how after a 5-hour delay Continental failed to have a flight crew to fly our plane to Detroit, and canceled that flight, and we just came back to the hotel. I don't know WHEN we're returning to Detroit. I didn't feel like standing in line for two hours to find out/argue about it.

I am never ever EVER flying on Continental again. I have never seen an airline do such a poor job of informing both its passengers and its ground staff as to what was going on, nor have I ever seen an airline fail to be able to rebook people off a canceled flight through associated airlines. So far as I know we're currently booked to go home Tuesday and calling Continental was no help in finding a better solution. They had flights going to Dallas tonight that had space and I'm pretty sure we could have gotten home from Dallas tomorrow but they wouldn't shift anyone from anywhere other than the Guest Services desks with those lines two hours long because so many flights were messed up or canceled.

Anyway, I have had my second warm Doubletree cookie of the weekend and I am going to bed. I will deal with the rest of it tomorrow.
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