Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Did somebody mention postmodernism?

Here's more from Zeitgeist - the core idea, perhaps.

"You see: the deeper reality is made out of language."
Zeta said nothing.
"People don't understand this. And even if they say it, they sure as hell don't know what it means It means that there is on such thing as 'truth.' There's only language. There's no such thing as a 'fact.' There is no truth or falsehood, just dominant processes by which reality is socially constructed. In a world made out of language, nothing else is even possible."

(p 158)

which leads to a showdown on page 245 where starlitz wins an argument about who controls the narrative in a discussion because it's in his language, and his language controls the terms

very interesting stuff as the basis for a novel of metamorphosis (as the subtitle calls it).
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