Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Do you ever get that feeling?

It seems to me there were a couple quotes from Zeitgeist that I wanted to share, and I can only find one of them just now. Not to be depressing, but I think this is a good description of a certain sort of mental.. space. One that people who are depressed or have been depressed would recognize.

"... I was a boy when I went into that prison. Fresh out of University. Prison hardened me. Prison made me a hard man."
"That's the truth about prison," Starlitz mused. "Vaclav Havel said that too."
"I think about those five years in prison," said Ozbey. "When I have Gonca Utz --on that divan there, commonly-- she moves her bottom for me, she moves her pretty legs, she cries out in that sweet voice . . . I spent five years in jail, as a very lonely man, looking forward to a moment like that. And now, I take that moment from Gonca whenever I please, but. . . I have to say this. . . I'm never quite there in that moment. I'm the man who is planning that moment. I'm the man boasting of it afterward. But I never seem to be the man who is there and enjoying that moment. Where did I lose myself, eh? Life seems so perfect. Where did the story go wrong?"
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