Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Blog for LGBT families day

supergee mentioned it's Blogging for LGBT Families day. I'm, you know, for them.

I'm really very frustrated with my state and how little it supports them. From the marriage and benefits laws and rulings (we even still have a sodomy law on the books though at least that was overruled in the courts) to the adoption laws and how judges have been pressured not to let same-sex couples adopt. I think it's reprehensible and embarrassing.

I think people who are prepared and capable should be able to adopt children regardless of gender, sexuality, and state of partnered-ness. Lord knows we have enough single parents who didn't choose to be that way. Someone who wants to be one ought to be able to without jumping through more hoops than a woman getting a divorce claiming custody. And any caring couple who can support a child ought to be able to adopt, in my opinion. Furthermore, the same-sex partner of someone who chooses to bear or father a child should be able to adopt that child with the birth mother or father, just as a step-parent can today.

If you are part of an LGBT family, know that I support you. And I am working on my state.
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