Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Zeitgeist, by Bruce Sterling, reminds me somewhat of things written by Tim Powers. This is a surrealist story where the narrative rules what can and can't happen and how people are perceived (and perceive themselves) has a serious effect on what and how they are.

It was published in 2000 by Bantam Books. on pg 188 Leggy Starlitz is talking to a young up-and-coming Russian hood, Viktor, who says to him,

"Their new yankee darlings are the KLA, an Albanian terrorist mob. They steal cars and sell heroin! It's how the KLA bought the guns to massacre pregnant Serbian women and gouge the eyes out of children."

"yeah, that's some story, all right."

"The KLA were all trained by Osama bin Laden. You know that, don't you?"

"Oh yeah, millionaire philanthropist and all that, he's a heavy guy, Osama bin Laden."

... it makes me wonder to what extent Sterling expected bin Laden to pop out on the world scene like he did.
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