Anne (netmouse) wrote,

so, back from Canada and - oops, must interrupt for a second-

I'm done I'm done I'm done!

my hubby is sick and I just spoke to my sister on the phone an hour or so ago and she's been sick too - worse sick than us though, she's had fever and gastrointesinal stuff going on. Not a happy way to be, anticipating an international trip! But we shall carry on. She's flying into Chicago tonight and we'll see her there when we get there -Bill's mom is getting her at the airport.

Hopefully we might get together with Laura and Emily for breakfast Saturday but I don't think plans are actually laid in yet. All we really need is a place and a time before 11:30. 11 would be all right. earlier would be better for me but maybe not so good for Bill.

I have done my running around doing financial things. Now I need to focus on laundry and packing. Oh, yes, and, did I mention?

I'm done with my thesis!
I'm done with my master's!
I'm done with this $%@#-ing school!

cheers all around.
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