Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Everybody who lives in the Ann Arbor library district: fill out survey on library and parking

From a library email asking for input on possible design features or downtown parking and a reconstructed library:

One year ago, the Library conducted focus groups with over 100 persons
in our district to discuss the future of the Downtown Library. We
learned a great deal about what people love about the Downtown library
and what they feel can be improved. This year, the Library has hired
Luckenbach|Ziegleman Architects and Skanska to work with us to develop
two programs: one for a renovated and expanded Library and the other for
a new Downtown Library, both to be located at Fifth and William. At the
same time, the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority is moving
forward with a site plan to build a large underground parking structure
on the "library lot". The convergence of these two activities led us to
develop a joint survey asking for feedback on both the library and

Please take this opportunity to contribute to the important decisions
that will need to be made by the AADL, the City of Ann Arbor, and the

You do not need to be a library user or a resident of Ann Arbor to fill
out the survey, which can be found here:

All feedback is appreciated.

In addition, you are invited to attend any of the following Public
Meetings at the Downtown Library to review our work and add your
thoughts to the discussion:

Monday, June 2nd 7:00 - 9pm
Wednesday, June 4th 10:00 - noon
Sunday, June 8th 3:00 - 5 pm

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