Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So, the weekend was better than I expected. Went to Chicago, spent time with Bill's mom, going to see a Mexican art exhibit, while Bill went to hang out with Chris Graver. We also made progress on taxes. Sunday there was absolutely fabulous weather for the parade. We heard there were Clydesdales but we had to leave before they got there.

Leftover turkey and corned beef sandwiches for dinner at a rest stop. Picnic tables are nice.

Then yesterday it was again a lovely warm day, only this time here in Ann Arbor. I went for a walk to the corner for milk with no coat, just my green wool shirt. Not many people seemed to be in the St. patrick's day spirit. Bill didn't want to go to work. Pretty bad, he commented, when you don't want to go on Release Party day.

I spent the day agonizing over whether to take a job at the Caravan shop or gamble on a possible job with Soar Technologies. Al at SoarTech had spent the weekend working on a proposal and was going home to sleep rather than setting up an interview with me. I started working on a presentation just in case by some miracle he did set up an interview.

Bill came home and called to me from the front door, "What are you doing inside? Come out here!" I got the frisbee and a bottle of water and we went and played frisbee in the slightly squishy Virginia park. Then we walked to Almonginger park and played on the merry-go-round and swings. That may be the last merry-go-round in Ann Arbor.

When we came home we weren't hungry enough to barbeque. We watched the president threaten Saddam on network TV. NPR reported this morning that the Iraqi populace seems still to be largely ignorant of the threat and therefore, I would assume, of Bush's other messages directed toward them.

I went to bed. I didn't sleep very well.

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