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Zer Netmouse
April 28th, 2008
12:42 pm


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The tide is turning
madkingludwig continues to be my source for uplifting Obama campaign videos...

I've been meaning to post about the election again, to fight the ennui that I feel as I watch how it fails to be decisively won and how people continue to mischaracterize each others' positions instead of working on plans to save our country from the Bush affiliates like McCain (he once wasn't, but he is now, I'm sorry) and other rich people who don't give a damn about the actual issues in the country. Obama may not be poor, but he does give a damn. This I believe.

I've been meaning to post because I read an article in Harpers recently called "Numbers racket: Why the economy is worse than we know", by Kevin P. Phillips. (you have to be a subscriber to read it online. I encourage you to subscribe or check it out in the library.)

In this article, Phillips discusses the past decade of presidents cooking the statistics to make things look better than they are. Statistics like the unemployment rate, the rate of inflation (did you know certain foodstuffs and other things that have gotten more expensive lately are excluded from the consumer price index?) and the gross domestic product. What is very clearly stated in this article is that this is something the Clinton administration did just as much as any previous administration, and they also did not correct the deceitful, misleading practices of years' past.

The Clintons are part of the problem. Part of the entrenched deceit and the ignoring of real troubles, masters of the "spin" factor. Nobody could spin things like Bill Clinton's people. And I don't trust his wife, either.

No, knowing and stating these things about the Clintons doesn't mean they aren't true about Obama. We don't know him as well, do we? But the article points out that one of the critics of manipulating national statistics is one of Obama's campaign consultants. He's talking to the right people and he sounds like he's willing to listen. To listen to all Americans, especially the small Americans who don't have a lot of cash, but who care. To discuss important things. And I WILL vote for him if given the opportunity.

The fact that the entrenched two-party system could rob me of that opportunity saddens me immensely. What do we do if he doesn't win the primary? Leave? Revolt? Vote for him anyway? Bitch Moan and complain? I'm starting to feel like we need a backup plan, here.

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Date:April 28th, 2008 05:22 pm (UTC)
I think the tide is turning, but eventually Obama will be washed out to sea.

Either the Democratic Party elders will put him in his place, or — slightly more likely — use this as an opportunity to rid themselves of the Clintons.

In the general election, Obama will lose because once the glitter wears off there's nothing but an empty suit.

Don't get me wrong; Obama is a colleague of a friend of mine, and my friend had a good report on Obama's character while he was in the State Senate. As for accomplishments, however, Obama has exactly zero in both the State Senate and US Senate, and while looking good in a suit and speaking well will get you far in politics, it can only get you so far.

While it will be good to see the back of Hillary "Nuke the Iranians" Clinton, it would be even nicer if the Democrats were to put up a serious candidate.
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Date:April 28th, 2008 05:28 pm (UTC)
Out of interest,what is your view on the introduction of universal healthcare (or socialized medicine or whatever description you use)?

Is this much of an issue in the forthcoming election?

In the UK, we have a national health service; not by any means perfect and groaning under the increasing strain of having new services added all the time - without the extra funding to do them properly.
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Date:April 28th, 2008 06:01 pm (UTC)
Well I'm all for the revolt option myself...

the USA as a country has outgrown itself by leaps and bounds... it's an empire plain and simple and like all empires of the past... is corrupt to the core in the maangement end of things and the only way to fix that is to wipe it all out and start again...

As the saying goes... everything old is new again... back to a time before large countries... where local voices had a more compelling statement on policies.

Technology and communications today allow this.

Date:April 29th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
Without the current government, the money that keeps both transportation technology and communication technology would collapse. Granted, it could be rebuilt as whatever new system rises, but it would not survive a revolution intact.
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