Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Penguicon coming soon -- wait, I mean any day now!

ConFusion will be hosting ClubFusion in room 381, so stop on by. I won't be running it, so let Tammy, Sheryl, Diane, Thomas and Maggi (and anyone else helping out) know how wonderful they are for contributing.

As has happened many years in the past, this is also the weekend of my mother's birthday, and this Saturday we're taking her out to a concert, so I will only be at Penguicon during the day Saturday and Sunday, but I am on some panels in the program.

Here's my schedule:

April 19, 2008
11:00 am Ur-Books of SF 0h50 Boardroom Literature
Caryn Malokofsky, Anne Murphy, Steve Gutterman
What are the Science Fiction books you most often recommend to other people? That you would hand to someone who had never read SF before? Why are they good for that? Is it the gosh-wow or the tricky problem? The strong frontiersmen or supersmart children? Psi powers? Aliens? Narrative flow and approachability? Open discussion moderated and led by the panel.

12:00 pm Ur-Books of Fantasy 0h50 Boardroom Literature
Caryn Malokofsky, Anne Murphy, Steve Gutterman
The gateway drugs of Fantasy. The books you hand people knowing this will lead into a lifelong habit. What are they, and why do they work so well? Open discussion led and moderated by the panel.

And I believe I'm the Entrepreneur Tobenamedlater on this one:

April 20, 2008
11:00 am Entrepreneurship 0h50 Northfield A Life
Greg Schwartz, David Bloom, Entrepreneur Tobenamedlater, Richard Stiennon
If you're at this convention, odds are good you're passionate about something. Do you have a dream? Are you mystified or intimidated by the concept of working for yourself? Have you already jumped in feet-first and would like advice? Come hear David Bloom from Ann Arbor SPARK, an incubator group for startups.

I will also be attending this next one though I'm not on the panel, since sequencing the fiction genome a la the music genome project was my idea; Matt is kick-starting discussion and will be working with me on a web project that may apply some of the principles we come up with on this and other future panels and discussions. Volunteers for the project are also being collected, so let us know if you're interested (Kim pls note I'd be interested in doing a similar panel at Apollocon):

2:00 pm Sequencing the Genome of Fiction 0h50 Ballroom A Software Tech Literature
William Jones, Catherine Devlin, Sarah Elkins, Matt Arnold
What if we do for fiction what the Music Genome Project did for music? MGP culminated in, an internet music station with automatic DJ that customizes itself to your tastes and introduces you to music you might like. What if we identify hundreds of attributes of a reader's emotional experience and apply these tags to a large enough collection of samples? In the internet age, what if we can do better than just filtering the generically good from the bad? After the slideshow presentation we'll have a brainstorming session where software expertise meets editorial know-how.

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