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So, this weekend was pretty cool.

Friday night Bill and I rented Microcosm and I actually fell asleep while watching it, which is immensely rare for me. Saturday Bill went to the fish auction with Eric and I stayed in during the morning, doing ConFusion/Stilyagi stuff, mostly going through old email, and also started on an html version of my thesis. The .pdf is just so big... it makes more sense to have an html version for browsing. And this way I'm sure to have a copy of it that will still be readable twenty years from now, unlike the Word format.

In the afternoon I took the bus downtown and applied for work at The Caravan Shop and the Library. In between I made a spontaneous stop at the Chins' house on Hamilton place. Harriet and Dominic and the girls were there for a little bit, and after they left I stayed for a while having a visit with Janet and Gabriel. Janet seemed quite intrigued by my copyediting book and Making Book -- I need to remember to take those by for her to see.

Mary picked me up from the Library and we came to our house to wait for Bill to get back and try to contact Mary's friend Sharon. Eventually everything came together and we all went to Seva for dinner. Mary came over after and we rented a couple of movies. Main Street was the one we watched that night, a David Mamet script about a movie production crew and big-name actors coming in and unsettling a small town in Vermont. I rather liked it. Mary gave us Strawberries. It was a nice night.

Sunday morning I spent a considerable ammount of time lying in bed reading Close Encounters: The Mike Wallace Story, which I had picked up at the library for a dollar. It's a very interesting account of Mike Wallace's career in journalism and entertainment, told in a two-voice format where Wallace and Gary Paul Gates take turns, Chapter by Chapter. Wallace gives first-person stories and Gates provides third-person historical narrative. Wallace's interviews with various people are also quoted at length. Reading in bed is a favorite activity of mine that I've done too little of in the past two years.

In the afternoon I went with Katherine, Tammy, Michael, and Krysta to take another look at the Troy Marriot with regard to possibly moving ConFusion there. Very disappointed to find out there are no windows that can open in the room we'd probably use as a smoking consuite. They do have ionic air cleaners however, that we could use every 12 hours or so to clear the air. Kathy is worried that the hotel is too pretty and nice. Everyone seemed to like the Medditeranian room but I was surprised how worried people were about losing the Theater. It's too bad I still don't have the room counts from panels for the past two years, to be able to really understand our panel/event facility needs. Hopefully Jeff sends those to me soon. The AASFA Board votes tonight on whether or not to switch hotels.

We went to a fancy oriental restaurant for dinner after taking much longer than we expected to review the hotel and talk to the sales associate. I can't for the life of me remember the name of the place and I sadly left my notes there. We called them from the car and word is the notes were probably throw away with the paper tablecloth. A lot of that was suite floorplans - we'll need to go actually measure the rooms if we sign a contract there anyway, so that's all right I guess. I wrote down a lot of the notes from memory last night.

When I got home Bill was just finishing cooking his very successfull Chili with corn and sausage (I had some for lunch- it's really good). He ate and I had some water and we watched our other movie, The One, starring Jet Li. This was a pretty good movie with impressive special effects and martial arts. Li carries it very well. The visual effects of the "wormhole" travel where the people writhe and scream as they disintigrate into digitized bits and are carried off to a parallel universe seemed unecessarily violent to both of us. There were some anomalies in the movie's basis, in that the two main characters are supposed to be so much stronger and faster than other people that it's very hard to believe they could fight anyone else without killing them immediately. I was amused to note that the Special Features section includes a "making of" type film in which Li is actually debating with the fight choreographer about that, saying that if he has 60 lbs of force in his character's punch, and he hits them in the chest, they're dead, it doesn't work. Other than that sort of thing, I enjoyed the movie.

After it though I had a headache coming on and felt exausted, probably partly due to being up until 2:30 Saturday night. I still had to do my knee exercizes and shower before bed, but I was a good girl and did that. Tonight Bill and I are planning to go to the gym, which we haven't done in perhaps two weeks. I've gained a couple pounds in the past week, so I'm looking forward to it.

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