Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Definitely have a head cold

We had a party for Janann on Saturday night, and made a bunch of cakes for it. Generally speaking, it was a great party. Conversation was interesting enough that we were up until around 3, and I got the kitchen mostly cleaned up while Bill drove Janann and Farayd back to Janann's house. The spinach quiche was great; I'm planning to make it again sometime.

On Sunday, we went up to Grandma's to celebrate her and dad's birthdays- a well-timed visit as a valve on her water heater had gone out and dad replaced it after dinner. I took a long nap, after which it became obvious that I am now fighting a fierce head-cold. This morning I've had a touch of fever, and stayed in bed for a bit, sleeping and reading Bride of the Rat God by Barbara Hambly.

I hope I didn't give this cold to the folks at the party, though there is one person who I wouldn't mind having given it to. I don't know who it is, but that would be whomever has been stealing our dishes.

We are not planning to have any more parties.

(*rant mode on*)

So, yes, after the Chinese New Year's party I noticed that we seemed to have fewer of our regular small jelly-jar glasses than usual. Mom gave us that set of glasses when we had our first apartment in Chicago. I think originally there were ten, and then one got chipped, and now, after two parties this spring, we have 5. It seemed like we had fewer after the first party, and now there are definitely fewer and what's more, one of our small fiesta bowls is also missing. We only had 6 of those, and now there are 5.

This is very upsetting. Sunday morning rather than pleasantly revisiting memories of the party, I was furiously pacing the kitchen, my hands clenched, not knowing what if anything I could or should do.

That someone should come to our house, eat dinner that we provided, and pretend to be friendly and then reward our hospitality by stealing the dishes that we use on a daily basis is horrible. It's not the loss of the things as much as the violation that is upsetting, though since those things were gifts and were our preferred dishes, it is also the things. Five of any piece of dishware is not a very useful set - I'll probably see if I can replace them. I have other glasses, and other bowls, that I would have gladly given to someone who'd told me they needed them. But instead someone has been taking the ones that were given to us on the occassions of our first apartment and our wedding.

Well, mom wanted to have her own party on the summer solstice anyway. I'm canceling ours. I'm not planning to have any more parties until and unless our dishes are returned to us. We have a very large mailbox, it's easy for someone to do that anonymously.

There are five people who were at both parties. One of them has been to our home many times with nothing going missing and I don't suspect her at all. The other four are all people I don't honestly know very well, and yet it sickens me to even consider suspecting them of this.

I'd rather think that someone is a bit of a klepto and I could even have sympathy for them than to believe that someone deliberately and with clear thought about it took our dishes. It really lowers your sense of security and trust. Once you realise that something is gone, you start wondering what else might be gone. Bill imediately commented aloud that he hoped they hadn't taken any of the dishes we'd served cake on. He inherited that set from his grandmother, and it matches the cake plate.

(*rant mode off*)

We love having parties. I had a lot of fun at both Saturday's party and the Chinese New Year's party, and I was looking forward to hosting a stilyagi party for showing Lilo and Stitch. But this is really upsetting. For the moment, we're just going to back off on that sort of thing.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do when it's time to have concom meetings.
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