Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Spread the word - SF Editors Wiki

Cheryl has posted an announcement about the SF Editors Wiki, which is the new sister site to SFAwardsWatch.

With thanks to shsilver we have just about finished copying content over from the besteditorhugo wiki, and I have official word from the creator of that site, John Klima, that the new site "looks FAB". I am pleased.

I know it still has holes, though, so I hope more people will get involved in editing and maintaining it. I have provided page templates and will do more to build up the help system over the next couple of weeks. I will also accept requests here, there in the Suggestion Box, and by email as to items and people to add.

I have been a wikipedia and other wikimedia editor for years now, and in fact have an open offer out there to add anything reasonable (that is to say acceptable according to the guidelines of the site in question) to wikipedia,, now, and possibly other wikis so don't think you have to become a wikimedia editor in order to contribute.

The purpose of the SF Editors wiki is to promote awareness of the specific work of different editors in the genre. This supports processes like nominations and voting for various awards. The deadline for nominations for the Hugo awards is March 1st, so please pass the word around about this site and encourage people to nominate the editors of their favorite books (and magazines) from last year.
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