Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Bill and I had a nice day around the house yesterday. I wasn't feeling well in the morning, but I took some immodium and by afternoon I was mostly better. I did some laundry while Bill juggled and listening to Car Talk, and then I started puttering around in the basement.

I picked up the drywall that had been sitting around since we had to tear it out to replace our water heater, carted it out to the garage, swept the shop. Then I picked up some other things in the laundry room, clearing the area around the old cement washtub, which we'd replaced but not yet broken up to carry out. While cleaning another room, I found the dried-out husk of a dead baby garter snake, which I took upstairs to show bill. Poor little thing. Then it was lunch time, so we made salads and ate and then I folded laundry while watching the end of some gene hackman "nazi scheme to kill the russian secretary general" movie that was on TV. I brought up breaking up the washtub and Bill was game, so I found him a sledge hammer and goggles (finding is one of my responsibilities between the two of us) and we propped it up on some boards and he smashed it into manageable pieces, which we carried upstairs and I mostly carted out into the yard to distribute along the fence. Pieces with lots of metal in them we piled up to go out with the garbage next week. Then we cleaned the boards of some hardware, nails mostly, which was nice to have done.

I was still gung-ho after that, so I got out the ladder and some scraping tools, and went out to start cutting down the wasps nest that was built on the outside of our sun porch last summer. We wanted to re-locate the nest, not just smash it up, so I carefully cut it away from the wall, but the snow blowing into my face and down my neck from the roof of the porch was getting to me, so I went back inside. Bill was sweet and had a mug of hot cocoa ready for me.

We figured there would be less blowing snow a day later, so I put finishing that off to today. The nest is now removed to about a hundred yards into the woods and a bit off to the side. We don't know if the insects'll survive the move, but I tried to find them a place where they had a fighting chance and set them up good. We'll check on them come summer, see if it worked.

To top off the afternoon, I offered to cut Bill's hair. He put "Good Morning Vietnam" on the TV and sat in the kitchen while I cut it. It didn't take too long, and it looks pretty good, if I may say so myself. When the movie was over we weren't quite hungry for dinner yet... Bill suggested we go to the mall.

So we headed to Briarwood. Even with all the snow, it wasn't as empty as he expected. We made two loops around the mall, and picked up a birthday gift for my dad and one for my grandma, who were both born in february. That was good to have done. We picked up some whopper Jrs. at burger king on the way home and agreed it was a pretty nice evening.

This morning we shoveled snow, aided by our next door neighbor, who had his snow blower out. He had to take off, so he loaned Bill the snowblower and Bill had fun clearing the neighbors' walks to either side of us. We also got some other housework done. it's been a productive weekend. Nice to just stay in and do projects, sometimes.

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