Anne (netmouse) wrote,

How far we yet have to go

I'm returning Alan Cooper's The Inmates Are Running The Asylum to the Menlo Institute today and decided to first note the books recommended by the author in the text and footnotes:

  • About Face: The Essentials of User Interface design, by Alan Cooper
  • Lateral Thinking, Creativity Step by Step, by Edward de Bono
  • How The Mind Works, by Stephen Pinker
  • Crossing the Chasm, by Geoffrey Moore
  • Managing the Professional Service Firm, by David Maister
  • I Sing the Body Electronic, by Fred Moody
  • Motivation and Productivity, by Saul W. Gellerman
  • The Secrets of Consulting; A Guide to Giving & Getting Advice Sucessfully, by Gerald Weinberg

Doing this brought to my attention the fact that not a single one of the books Alan refers to in his book was authored by a woman. Ah, the state of my industry.

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