Anne (netmouse) wrote,

So, yesterday I finally updated the SFOHA and Stilyagi front pages and posted the registration form for ConFusion 2004. I still have three important ConFusion responsibilities to get done - finish the programming report, see that feedback solicitations are sent out to program participants, and send printed letters out to ConFusion 2004 guests - before I can coast for a couple weeks. Glad Scott offered to try further to contact the science GOH nominee, take that load off Tammy.

Yesterday evening I finished revising my project manager resume. I think it looks a lot better. Bill helped. Now I just need the confidence to match my resume.

We made yummy peanut-sauce pork, broccoli and zuchini stir-fry last night (with extra peanuts), and went for a walk in the snow. The snow is still pretty today. I'm jealous of the people on the east coast.
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