Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Super Tuesday

I don't know who-all reads this journal who might be voting in a primary tomorrow, nor if your minds are already made up as to who to vote for. Many of my friends have recently been posting reasons for their support for Obama, and I wanted to at least mention that I too support Obama over Clinton. I believe Hilary Clinton will do a better job than Bush did, but who wouldn't? (okay, maybe Huckabee wouldn't. Moving on...) But I have always opposed her candidacy for the presidency. She may be more electable than I used to think, but I think Obama is more courageous, more honest, and frankly someone I would much rather have a conversation with, or have by my side when doing something. I like the idea of having a president I would be happy to stand beside, to talk to--one I would defend as I would defend my country--one who will fight for *Peace* inside and outside our country, as I would fight for it.

If you have not seen it, consider Lawrence Lessig's video explaining (with specifics) why one should support Obama over Clinton. Or watch this YouTube Video. And don't be afraid to Hope. Be brave, and vote with both your heart and your brain.

My vote in the Primary election probably won't count (yay Michigan *sigh*). But if yours will, vote with courage. Please.

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