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Zer Netmouse
May 13th, 2002
05:50 pm


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Well, I seem to have burned out on my energetic push. I was going to go out and run errands but CVS called and there are two more days before my insurance will cover another pack of pills. I think it's really evil for insurance to require birth control pills to be doled out one pack a month. In school they just gave us our whole term's worth at one time, if we wanted. But then health insurance was purchased a term at a time, in school. I sigh.

so it's grey out and I'm tired and I called Gary and they're expecting me at his and Anne's around dinner tomorrow now. I think I'll take a nap. it was a good weekend but a tiring one and I need to get up early tomorrow to go to Canada.

I talked to my supervisor and it sounds like whatever I get done by the end of the week he'll let slide through but he wants me to consult with the statistics office and try to confirm that my analysis is valid, maybe do a one-way anova or something. He doesn't know how to do an anova so he doesn't know that it's not really complicated, but professor Macgreggor isn't sure if it's appropriate so although I've already done it I don't know if I'l put it in or not.

At least I have most of my clothes and stuff laid out for the spain trip. And I got my laundry done for the Canada trip. Maybe I can convince Bill to cook dinner.

okay. Nap, then dinner, then tackle reorganizing Chapter 7. again.

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