Anne (netmouse) wrote,

That was a most excellent con

Scott Westerfeld and Justine Larbalestier were absolutely fabulous guests, both as panelists and as the people it was my responsibility to take care of for the weekend. It was great to see Scalzi and Krissy and to meet their friend Doselle Young, who probably still doesn't know I created his wikipedia entry last year when Scalzi told me he was coming. Was sorry Tempest Bradford ultimately didn't make it (missed her flight due to a cab accident--don't worry, she's ok), and also missed fredcritter, but greatly enjoyed conversations with pnh, tobiasbuckell and his wife Emily, Patrick Rothfuss, and beamjockey, plus hanging with my usual local peeps and other concom members who are too numerous and wonderful to namedrop just now. (never enough time for that at a con, really, but did get a little of it in.)

One of my more fun moments on Sunday was helping to engineer execution of the final step of John Scalzi's evil plan and later having Chuck call me with his reaction, so if you haven't heard about that, go check it out.

The concom did a fabulous job and we got plenty of good suggestions (and volunteers!) for next year, the numbers were good, and the energy was very positive and enjoyable. Congratulations, brendand my roomie: you gave good con.

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