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Zer Netmouse
February 10th, 2003
10:13 am


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We had a really nice weekend
Dad is just back from a business trip, so on Friday we went out to dinner with dad and mom and then went to the cheap theater to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. That was a really funny and uplifting movie.

On Saturday we hosted a party here, celebrating the Chinese New Year.

We did it as a potluck this year and I think that worked pretty well. People brought card games and board games to play and a bunch of us also ended up playing Dance Dance, Revolution, a video game with a pad you dance on. Bill and I had spent some time last week taping the pad to a piece of plywood to make it easier to use, and it was fun trying it out. About 20 people came, but of course they took all their serving dishes home with them and since we mostly used disposable cups and plates, cleanup was a cinch!

Highlights of the event included Bill's blender drinks, meeting Mary's sister Helen, and Dancing a melodramatic Moulin Rouge Balletic performance with Rennie, Rikhei, and Stitch!

we have a bunch of leftovers, including fruit that didn't get used for the drinks. I suspect bananas got used less than they would have if we hadn't been out of Khaluah. And we're left with a starfruit, which Bill finds delightful. Thanks, Chad!

On Sunday we had brunch with mom and dad and walked downtown. There was ice sculpture being made all weekend and many of the businesses down main street had sculptures out in front that reflected the business or logo. Real Seafood Company had a swordfish, which was pretty neat. An indian restaurant had a representation of the hindu elephant god. It was fun. We sustained a game of "kick-rock" all the way home.

After that we pretty much crashed. Lying down and sleeping feels really good after so much excitment. we had been planning to head over to Eric's for some gaming but when we got home from the walk Bill laid down and quickly fell asleep. I laid down next to him intending to read, but he wanted the light off. I listened to the radio for a bit and then woke up forty minutes later. Bill still couldn't wake up so I called Eric to let him know we had overestimated our ability to keep moving. After reading for a while I ordered a pizza. Bill eventually stirred enough to eat pizza and watch the end of The Bodygaurd with me (it was on TV). He theorized that he'd gotten chilled on our walk and that was why his body went into the hibernatory sleeping.

Today Bill's friend and former manager Ron Schneider is visiting from Colorado and Bill had an early meeting so he left much earlier than most days. It's a big week for me for meetings. AASFA tonight. MOCHI Wednesday, Network Downtown Thursday, then on Saturday we have our concom wrap-up meeting and Sunday is SFOHA.

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Date:February 11th, 2003 10:06 am (UTC)
Hi... I had much fun at your party; thanks for the invite! And I loved the Stitch Ballet. What a wonderfully silly time. That DDR game is way cool too. Thanks!
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