Anne (netmouse) wrote,

Look, Grandma, I wrangled a wedding!

"So," the father of the groom says to me, "I guess compared to the science fiction conventions, running a wedding is pretty much a piece of cake?"

"Pretty much," I said.

Seriously, there was much to do in my official role of "she who keeps the chaos away from the bride" but I did much of the same things I do running a convention, e.g. introducing myself to lots of people, figuring out who plays what role and letting them know what they need to know, occasionally saying "you look like you're not doing anything. Here's this thing that needs doing that you could do," plus general answering questions, hunting down answers I don't know, and trying to track dependencies so that things happen in working order. I took a toolkit with me and was glad of the scissors when I had to trim some candle wicks. Never had to fix anyone's dress or anything; generally it all went pretty smoothly.

Wedding and reception were both in the Pendleton room at the Michigan Union, and the banquet staff were all great as usual. It was a great joy and honor to help out with the wedding of my relatively new friends Alison and Jeef, and all the rest of the family and friends and wedding party were great to work and hang out with, too.

I even remembered to have everyone sign the marriage license before the officiator had to leave to go breastfeed her 7-week-old baby (1st time officiator). I kind of left without saying a formal goodbye to the bride and groom, but there was this bridesmaid to take home and my feet hurt...

I think I understand why my grandmother volunteered doing this for so many years. It feels really good. I wore one of her dresses tonight (which meant I had to wear high heels all day because she was taller than me. If I keep this dress I might get it hemmed shorter), and I had her in mind. I like to think maybe, somehow, she knows or knew I'm following in her footsteps. In any case, I bet she would approve of how things went today, and that makes me smile a little extra. :)
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