Anne (netmouse) wrote,

I'm 33! Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, so a lady doesn't speak of her age. But I think I disqualified for being a lady the first time I climbed a tree in a skirt without any underwear on as a little girl. (Hsst, say the inner voices, they didn't know about that!) See? Inner voices. Definitely not a lady.

Last year at New Years we wished each other a happier one, and said this year couldn't possibly be worse than the year before (and we were right). My 32nd year ended with a shitload of pain, no doubt about it. I'm certainly still processing many things about that, and Bill and I are still in the midst of the technical details of dissolving our marriage, but my 33nd year has been a year more of growth than of pain, even despite losing my grandmother along the way. I am coming out of it stronger and healthier both physically and mentally than the year before. Change can be good, even when you weren't looking for it to happen. And I expect even more changes in the coming year: more growth, and more good.

Thank you for all the birthday well-wishes I've already received. May you all have a merry day full of music and laughter, or at least heartwarming smiles. Because this is MY day, and I said so. :)
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