Anne (netmouse) wrote,

gift recommendation - ages 4-8

pulled from a comment on a friend's journal where he was looking for suggestions as to a gift for a five-year-old:

A good combination gift would be The nutshell library, written and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, and the soundtrack to Really Rosie, in which Carole King put those and other subversive, twisted, and silly verses to music for little kids. The music is great, and having songs where you can read along is a good way to help a 5-year-old have fun with reading.

I see Amazon has caught on to the combo and is offering them at a bundled sale price together if you go to the Really Rosie page.

I had the Really Rosie soundtrack when I was little and in fact starred in a musical production of the play in sixth grade. A few years ago I gave the CD to our friends' three daughters when they were ages 3, 5 and 7 and all the girls loved it.

In dreams, it seems, I always see
Avenue P as it ought to be
As a four-star movie, directed by me,
and starring of course, yours truly... Rosie.

In this fabulous movie you're all gonna see
An entirely different Avenue P
Imagine me in a jungle gown!
And Avenue P, a jungle town!

With King Kong swinging out of a tree
And carrying me over that jungle-y Avenue P

... In the jungle, you are free! Ta da!

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